Happy Birthday, Lucille Ball. August 6, 1911 - April 26, 1989.

"We were so excitingly in love." 

davidduchovnys asked: Everything about this page is beautiful and wonderful. Lucille Ball was so amazing: funny, smart and tough. She was a woman who got it done and she made everyone laugh while she did.

"In many ways, marrying Desi was one of the boldest things I ever did."


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Gary made the mistake of saying that he had run a movie projector in the Army. Out came my thirty consecutive hours of home movies. ‘Geez, Lucy, don’t you ever go off the air?’ Hopefully not.” - Lucille Ball

“I refused to even consider being in a continuing series without Vivian. Vivian has always been the greatest supporting player anyone could ask for. During one of the shows in this new series, we were supposed to be trapped in a glass shower stall, with the water turned on full blast. The script called for me to dive down and pull out the plug at the bottom of the shower, but when I did this in front of a live audience, I found I had no room to maneuver. I couldn’t get back to the surface again. What’s more, I had swallowed a lot of water, and was actually drowning, right there in front of three hundred people who were splitting their sides laughing. Vivian, realizing in cold terror what happened, never changed expression. She reached down, pulled me safely to the surface by the roots of my hair, and then calmly spoke both sides of our dialogue, putting my lines in the form of questions. Whatta girl!”

- Lucille Ball